Eitoku Sugimori

a.k.a. Ace Cedarwood

Versatile Artist based

in New York City.


He specializes in Bronze casting,

Painting and Installation artworks. 

His works have been shown nationally and internationally. Recent exhibition was held in Japan at the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum.


His artworks have been shown in:

New York  Los Angeles  San Francisco

Tokyo  Kyoto  Fukuoka  Seoul  Kathmandu

Berlin  Paris  London  Barcelona 


Author of following books:

      Japanese Patinas (Brynmorgen Press)

introduces Japanese traditional metal coloring techniques to the West for the first time.

      The Metalsmithing Patination

    (A-forest Promotions)

The images overflowing endlessly in my heart are given lines, colors, and shapes to give birth in the real world. Overcoming

the pain of giving birth, recently, it has become possible to make artworks at a natural state. This is greatly influenced by my encounter with Japanese martial arts: Aikido and Iaido; the  awareness from it. Without going against nature, be united as a part of the nature.I strongly feel that is a common ground with art as well. Not to seek beauty, but to become beauty itself. With that aim, I continue to create artworks every day

                             While whistling... - Ace 

He is also a judge, commentator, and curator of many  international art projects and exhibitions in New York. 

Moderator ATOA (Artist Talk on Art) 2007

Selected Clients

Y. Kihara

T. Kawabata

Y. Nozaki

A. Sonoda

T. Okano

R. Sugita


Latest Exhibition


Divine Entity

Fukuoka  Japan

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